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We are considering becoming an ESOP company

We can offer guidance to help you determine whether selling to an ESOP is the right choice for your business

We are already an ESOP company

Is your CPA firm your lead advisor? How do you know your ESOP reporting is correct?

If You are ESOP Owned, Your CPA Firm Should be the Lead Advisor!

When is the last time you had a strategic meeting with your CPA and key ESOP advisors? Of all your trusted advisors, your CPA should be the primary advisor. If your CPA firm doesn’t have extensive ESOP experience, how can they advise you with respect to critical strategic issues?

How do you know your ESOP reporting is correct?

Our No-Cost ESOP Diagnostic Offer

Let us review and compare your tax returns, company financial statements, plan financial statements and administrative records for potential tax opportunities, financial benefits and exposure.

We will look at:

  • Unearned ESOP share reconciliation
  • “SOP 93-6” accounting (now ASC 718.40)
  • ESOP disclosure requirements
  • Entity tax reporting strategy

In two weeks or less, we will present and explain our findings.

Sample of ESOPs we serve




Construction Suppliers

Contract Manufacturers







Professional Services

Residential Commercial Construction

Retail Sales

Transportation and Logistics

What is an ESOP and Why Consider One?

An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a qualified retirement plan that can provide significant tax benefits for a company, the selling shareholder and substantial retirement accounts for its employees. It delivers an excellent business succession alternative to selling a company that can benefit all parties.

We can offer guidance to help you determine whether selling to an ESOP is the right choice for you and your business. Most importantly, we can help you design and implement your ESOP strategy with an experienced ESOP team, maximizing value to the selling shareholders, the businesses, and their employees.

Our ESOP specialists understand that the being an ESOP impacts both the company’s financials and the company’s tax position. We will work with you to make sure that the proper processes are in place to manage and report your ESOP accurately.

ESOP Accounting and Consulting

  • RP&B serves over 60 ESOP-owned companies. We have substantial experience and understand ESOP accounting, tax, ERISA and record-keeping requirements.
  • RP&B is an active member of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Control Center.
  • In order to deepen our ESOP expertise, we actively participate in, and lecture at, national and regional conferences for The ESOP Association. We are one of five CPA representatives on the ESOP Association’s finance committee, and we speak on ESOP GAAP accounting at two of the national conferences.
  • The firm has membership and participates in the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and Employee-owned S Corporations of America (ESCA).
  • RP&B has one of five representatives on the ESOP finance committee, and we speak on GAAP accounting at two of the national conferences.

ESOP Team Leaders

Michael Kouyoumdjian

Michael J. Kouyoumdjian, CPA

With over 15 years of experience working extensively with ESOPs from ESOP inception to maturity. Michael consults with company owners wherever they are in the ESOP journey. With his knowledge, Mike guides ESOP companies to make the best decisions for their company and their team. Mike regularly educates and speaks to groups of professionals and business owners.

Michael Zermeno

Michael Zermeño, CPA

With expertise in GAAP ESOP accounting and employee benefit plan audits, Michael speaks nationally at industry association and business meetings on topics related to ESOPs to further the understanding of the complexities and the benefits that can be gained from an ESOP.

Senior ESOP Team

Michael Kouyoumdjian

Fernando Ayala, CPA

Shareholder, Tax & Compliance

Michael Zermeno

Jeán Paul Constantino

Manager, Accounting & Auditing

Michael Zermeno

Cristen D. Stier, CPA, MBA

Shareholder, Accounting & Auditing

Michael Kouyoumdjian

Bryan T. Snyder, CPA

Principal, Tax & Compliance

Michael Zermeno

Kellie M. Willer, CPA

Manager, Accounting & Auditing

Michael Zermeno

Eric M. Mobley, CPA

Supervisor, Accounting & Auditing